VIDEO: Muslim spanks 8 months pregnant woman in the street

We had already a Muslim who tried to kill the Pope here in Portugal, Portuguese boys who joined ISIS, beatings of Portuguese people by Muslims, killings that the Police and the media hide (they talk about “North Africans”) and rapes of Portuguese women by “migrants”.

This one is another bit of “cultural enrichment” by the Religion of Peace. It happened in the city of Funchal, Madeira Island (Atlantic Ocean, South of Portugal mainland, near the coast of Africa):

The video:

One of the few papers who noticed it, was Correio da Manhã:

Man mugging pregnant woman on Funchal street.
Police is investigating the case. Video may shock sensitive readers.
A pregnant woman was beaten by a man late Wednesday in Funchal. 

The woman was saved by a man who was passing the place and who recorded a moment with the mobile phone, then posting the images on Facebook. 

The Public Security Police has already opened an investigation to find out what happened. According to the Jornal da Madeira, the aggressions will have started inside a bar and continued outside the same. 

“The alleged husband suddenly came and beat her, which I know was eight months pregnant, had a lot of bruises and had a lot of pains.” 

“He tried again to beat her and I tried to film. He’s a Muslim. It’s a serious thing because I’m a father and I ended up seeing her suffer, I was afraid that she would lose the child, it’s annoying, but I do not have traumas”. 

The woman is in the Funchal hospital. In the video you can see the bloody woman sitting on the floor and the attacker who left the place when he noticed the presence of other people. The victim, who was eight months pregnant, was rescued and transported to the hospital where she was receiving psychological support. As Correio da Manhã learned, the woman does not want to present a complaint claiming to have been a fall.However, the PSP investigation will continue because it is a public crime that does not require a complaint.


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