Student MORTIFIED after mum finds her sex toy – what happens next will make you laugh

There are some conversations you never want to have with your parents.

And sex, or anything to do with the subject, is certainly one of them.

So when one mum stumbled across her daughter’s intimate toy, it was very embarrassing for all those involved.

An anonymous student, from Cambridge, was horrified when she realised she’d left her sex toy on display in her bedroom.

Knowing her mum was set to tidy the house, she frantically texted her brother to move out it of sight.

The pupil wrote: “I need you to move something from my desk asap. Pretty sure it’s on my desk because that’s where I emptied my bag.

“I’m sorry. It’s a dildo. I’m so sorry. I imagine mum’s already gone in to tidy my bed though.

“I’m a s***. This will be funny in a year’s time but not right now.”

AWKWARD! The woman had to text her brother to help her
TOO LATE: Brother Chris didn’t come home until the toy was found

Clearly amused by his sister’s predicament, her brother Chris laughed and told her he’d look for it later on.

After returning home, the sibling realised that the mum had rumbled the sex toy.

But instead of discreetly putting it inside a drawer, she had displayed it near a load of stationery.

Chris snapped a photo of the phallic object, before carefully putting it away.

MUMBELIEVABLE: The pair laughed at their mum’s response
OH TOY: The mum stood up the sex toy next to the girl’s pencils

The situation left the brother in stitches.

Chris told Pretty52: “When she first sent the message I was p***ing myself laughing because I was not going to be home until really late and I knew my mum was going to go in and tidy at some point and was obviously going to find the dildo, I just couldn’t stop laughing…

“I reckon my mum genuinely didn’t know what it was I think she must have thought it was a novelty rubber or something.”

Thankfully, the embarrassed student was able to laugh about it too.

She replied: “I’m in hysterics. I can’t breathe… I love that woman.”

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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