Muslim Migrants Break Elderly Man’s Face Because His Dog “Smelled”

A 68-year-old Belgian man had his face broken in 11 places after receiving a vicious beating from Muslim migrants who were offended by the smell of his dog.

Belgian broadcaster RTV reports that the man, Lucas Claes, was walking his dog in a park in Antwerp when it ran over to the group of migrants. Statistics show that around 75% of children in Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city, have migrant backgrounds.

After disagreeing with the migrant gang that his dog “smelled,” the pensioner was subjected to a brutal assault and lost consciousness.

“I woke up when a woman said: ‘Sir, are you alright’,” said Claes, who described his attackers as “foreigners”.

Claes was rushed to hospital, where he was treated for 11 breakages in his facial bones.

Infowars reports: Claes said that despite being traumatized by the incident, he wouldn’t let it affect his routine, commenting, “What else can you do? The dog needs to be walked, there’s no other option.”

Only one of the five suspects has been arrested by police.

This is by no means the first instance of migrants assaulting an elderly person in Antwerp.

Back in July, an elderly handicapped woman was approached by a gang of a dozen migrant youths, pelted with large stones and called a “dirty, stinking Belgian.”

Like Molenbeek, Antwerp is notorious for parts of it being migrant-populated ghettos where crime and physical attacks are commonplace.

Last year, the Mayor was forced to slap a ban on public gatherings in the city after riots between Turkish and Kurdish migrants. Antwerp was also hit by widespread rioting in migrant areas in 2002.


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