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The leak of an arrest warrant which names one of the chief suspects in a stabbing that sparked anti-refugee demonstration in Germany has raised fears that the country’s police may be saturated with cop sympathisers concerned at the plight of their fellow Germans.

The confidential document, which was shared by citizens on social media, names a 22-year-old Iraqi, one of two immigrants arrested on suspicion of stabbing a German-Cuban man to death in the eastern city of Chemnitz at the weekend.

The killing and knife mayhem that seriously wounded two other Germans set off the most serious anti-Merkel demonstrations and protests in Germany for several years.

More than 6,000 far-Right protestors paraded through the streets of Chemnitz carrying flags and placards. Many of the displayed messages expressed disgust of coalition chancellor Angela Merkel and her Bundestag cohorts.

Members of LEGIDA, the Leipzig arm of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA), hold a poster depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a rally in Leipzig, Germany.

Media dubbed enemedia is also in the cross-hairs of indignant protestors. Among the placards and banners, there were many expressing hostility towards The Lying Press?  Many demonstrators showed hostility towards TV crews and media journalists.

Police confirmed on Wednesday that the leaked document was genuine and said they had opened an investigation into suspected “violation of official secrets”.

The leak has added to growing concerns that Germans, fed up with institutionalised race treachery, may have much sympathy and sympathisers in the national and local police forces.  If so, the state finds itself impotent against further demonstrations.

When during the late 1980s there were anti-government riots and demonstrations throughout the Soviet Bloc the regimes were finally toppled after the police joined the demonstrators.

Michael Walsh, the author of the ethnic-European survival manual, Europe Arise, is concerned. “The authorities are now desperate to protect immigrants, so-called refugees, especially the illegal immigrants.”

A leaked document gave the full name and address of one of the arrested men. Other migrants at the shelter where he was living spoke of their fear the building could be targeted.

Martin Dulig, the deputy regional premier, described the leak as “scandalous” and “monstrous”.

Police have already come in for heavy criticism after they were unable to bring the riots under control. Such criticism is likely to alienate the police further. Many cops are embittered by their role as defenders of a unpopular state policies, their being underpaid and over-worked. Many cops are billeted in quarters not fit for human habitation whilst ‘refugees’ receive 4* hotel service and accommodation.


The leak also follows an incident earlier this month in which police forcibly prevented a television news crew from filming a demonstration by the Pegida anti-Muslim movement in the Saxon capital, Dresden. It later emerged they were acting after a complaint from an off-duty officer who was taking part in the demonstration.

The leaked arrest warrant was shared on social media by Lutz Bachmann, the Pegida founder, and Pro Chemitz, the group which organised Monday night’s protests in the city. It gives the full name of one of the arrested men, a 22-year-old Iraqi who has so far been identified publicly only as Yousif IA under German privacy laws.

A 23-year-old Syrian named as Alaa S is also being held in connection with the stabbing. Both men were arrested shortly after the incident.


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