Robert Fisk: “I Traced Al-Qaeda Missile Casings In Syria Back To Their Original Sellers”

Finally, a journalist for a mainstream UK media outlet is methodically tracking weapons shipment serial numbers and English-language paperwork recovered from al-Qaeda groups in Syria, and he’s literally showing up at arms factories and questioning arms dealers, including officials at the Saudi Embassy in London, asking: why are your weapons in the hands of terrorists?  Veteran Middle East war […]


Putin Bombshell: Clinton Illegally Accepted $400 Million From Russia During Election

Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped a massive bombshell during the Helsinki press conference on Monday, accusing Hillary Clinton of illegally accepting $400 million from Russia during her 2016 campaign. Vladimir Putin: Last year there was one extradition case by the United States… Mueller can use this treaty as an official request to us… in this case […]


Wealthy Elite Reveal Plans To Leave Earth Before ‘Imminent’ Apocalypse

The wealthy elite are making preparations to leave planet Earth ahead of an imminent apocalyptic event that will render our planet completely inhabitable. After interviewing a number of high-profile billionaires, documentary maker Douglas Rushkoff discovered that the world’s richest people are urgently making preparations to leave us all behind. Rushkoff writes: Last year, I got invited […]


SODOM AND GEMORRAH: California Gov. Jerry Brown To Force Schools To Show Kids ‘Gay Sex’ As Part Of LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum

California Governor Jerry Brown has mandated the use of gay pornography in elementary schools in order to teach children about LGBT sex. This makes California the first state in the union to not only use mandatory LGBT-inclusive textbooks in schools, but also force young children to learn sexually explicit material without the choice of opting […]


Anthony Bourdain Spoke of Clinton and Weinstein in Interview published one month after his suicide

Anthony Bourdain pulled no punches in one of his final interviews as the celebrity chef slammed Bill Clinton for being ‘rapey, gropey and disgusting’ and spoke of how he imagined Harvey Weinstein dying alone in a bathtub. The globe-trotting food chronicler, who hanged himself in a French hotel in June, gave a lengthy and wide-ranging interview […]


Top District Attorney Under Fire For Suggesting ‘Michelle Obama is a Man’

The lead hard-core gang prosecutor in the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office is now under investigation following a series of ‘offensive’ social media posts suggesting the former first lady, Michelle Obama, is a man. Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem, also targeted U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters and illegal Mexican migrants on a Facebook and Instagram posts. […]