Angelina Jolie, Only 79 Pounds, Passes Out Because Of Brad Pitt Being Granted Custody?

A brand new report is claiming that the actress has collapsed because her ex, Brad Pitt won custody of their six kids. But does the article written by the National Enquirer has any real substance?

The cover of the magazine sensationally reads: ‘Brad Wins Custody As 79-LB Angie Collapses!’

But that couldn’t be further from the truth! First of all, Brad has not won custody.

Not only that but the entire title is very deceptive because not even a part of it is true – Jolie’s weight has not dropped as low as they say and most importantly, she has NOT passed out for any reason, for that matter!

As fans probably know by now, last month, Brad Pitt was granted legal rights that allow him more visitations with his children.

But that has nothing to do with custody as the kids still live with their mother.

In fact, Jolie’s custody rights are so extensive that she was even able to take them along to London where she is currently filming Maleficent 2 and where they are set to live for quite a while. So, no, Brad Pitt did not ‘win custody.’

But apparently, the tabloid claims that the new custody development has caused the actress to collapse while at a refugee camp in Iraq.

‘Angelina was walking and then went white as a ghost and became dizzy. She was clearly in a pretty bad way. She was so gaunt that it seemed like the life had totally drained out of her,’ one insider supposedly tells the magazine.

To bait their readers into believing the fake piece of news, the Enquirer uses a couple of pics of Jolie looking sickly and collapsing on the cover.

But the said images are not actually from real life but were taken in 2007 when Angie was shooting a scene for the movie Wanted.

That’s right, a decade-old image was used to fool people into believing that the star’s health is in grave danger!


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