14 Homemade Sex Toys You Need to Try

1. A Hairbrush

If you wrap the handle of a girthy hairbrush with a condom, you can use it for a dildo. Just make sure you actually cover it with a condom, in case there are any weird plastics you don’t want leeching into your vagina. But the various textures that hairbrush handles come in are sure to be a nice addition to your sex toy collection.

2. An Ice Cube Tray

If you think you might be into some ~temperature play~, you can head straight to the freezer to take it for a test run. You can use ice cubes to gently run them over nipples and genitalia. Bonus: try them out during oral sex. Going back and forth between the heat of someone’s mouth versus the chill of the ice can put you into sensory overload

3. An Electric Toothbrush

Try masturbating with your buzzy toothbrush by holding it externally against your clit. Just make sure you’ve washed the whole thing with soap and water, and focus on using the base of the toothbrush, not the actual moving bristles.

4. A Feather Duster

Grab a clean (seriously, can’t emphasize enough how much dust can take you out of the moment) feather duster and tease your partner with it. Try to use the lightest strokes possible to help them focus on the sensation.

5. A Spatula

Regular old hand-spanking was so 2016. Have your partner spank you with a rubber spatula if you’ve got one on hand. It’s ideal for beginners because of the soft material.

6. A Belt

Whereas a scarf or tie could actually move around and be more distracting than sexy as a pair of DIY handcuffs, a belt is great because there’s no previous knot-tying experience required! Wrap it around you or your partner’s hands a few times or try tying them to the bedposts for an even hotter experience.

7. Your iPhone

There are tons of apps out there that can turn your phone into a DIY vibrator. Just be sure to clean your phone before you start masturbating with it — after all, you wouldn’t rub your vulva on every surface you’ve ever put your phone on, would you?

8. Pillows

Stack a bunch of pillows together and grind on top of them to masturbate, or try propping a bunch under your hips during sex to feel your guy even more deeply.

9. Beaded Necklace

Tease your partner by rolling the beads across their naked body and having them focus on that sensation. It’s basically a mindfulness exercise in sexiness. You can also rub them up and down a guy’s penis if you’re prepared for some raised eyebrows from him. Bonus: put the necklace in the fridge beforehand or run under cool water for some temperature play.

10. A Scrunchie

Slip a scrunchie over a guy’s penis for an improvised penis ring. The tightness can help maintain his erection longer, plus it will kind of just look hilarious which is a perk for you.

11. Chip Clips

Feeling extra masochistic? Try using chip clips for nipple clamps. Just be wary of those hard plastic edges! Would Liz Lemon be proud of your ingenuity or disgusted? Unclear!

12. Tights

Don’t throw out those hole-y tights just yet! You can wrap them around several times to use as either a blindfold or makeshift cuffs. Just make sure they’re clean — unless that’s your thing, in which case, you do you.

13. A Washing Machine

Have your guy take you on top of your washing machine and let the rumbling do its thing.

14. A Removable Showerhead

If you have a removable showerhead, try masturbating with it and let the warm water spray your clit. Just keep things external and make sure you’re not actually like, hosing your vagina out.


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